Our Range

The diversity of forklift equipment provides users with a tailor made solution to their materials handling needs.

Diesel & LPG
Both Diesel & LPG forklifts have lift capacities from 1,500kg to 7,000kg.


Electric forklifts have lift capacities from 1,600kg to 5,500kg.

We have a large range of telehandlers with lift capacities  from 2,000kg to 3,500kg & lift heights from 6 to 12 meters.

Hand Pallet Trucks

With a choice of sizes.

Short Term Hire
We offer a range of materials handling equipment on short term hire of a few days or months.

Contract Hire
You made decide that a few months is just not enough. In that case we offer contract hire, which is a long term contract for a number of years with full maintenance.