What is Thorough Examination?

The national forklift truck Thorough Examination procedure meets the requirements of both LOLER 98 & PUWER 98 legislation.

In many ways it is like an MOT, but it is much more rigorous. It is a legal requirement that applies to every forklift truck - including trucks that are just one year old. Crucially as an owner or user you are responsible.

Why is a national scheme important?

Just imagine if there were no cohesive national system for assessing the safe condition of cars. Imagine if garages were allowed to decide for themselves how to carry out MOT tests. Imagine if an MOT certificate issued by one garage was based on criteria & procedures which differed widely from those used by another. Imagine if there was no one to oversee the process nationally & ensure consistent high standards.

This is very much like the situation which has applied to forklift examinations......until now.

The definitive national scheme , developed by the two organisations which represent the forklift industry, with the support of HSE, tackles all the current deficiencies in delivery of Thorough Examination.

Its stringent Quality Assurance Procedural Code raises & maintains the standard of testing & the scope of the examinations. In doing so it answers a pressing need within British industry for increased confidence when it comes to the safety of materials handling equipment.

Who runs the national scheme?

The new national procedure has been set up by Consolidated Fork Truck Services(CFTS), a joint venture between the two major industry trade associations in materials handling:

The Fork Lift Association (FLTA)
The British Industrial Truck Association (BITA)

What is distinctive about the procedure?

Huge effort has gone into ensuring that the complex legislation relating to Thorough Examination is delivered in a very effective & practical package. Through it you can keep on the right side of the law & check that your truck is in a safe & productive condition.

The national procedure developed by CFTS ensures you benefit from:

  • the authority & backing of both BITA & the FLTA
  • the in-depth knowledge of examiners who truly understand forklifts
  • the protection & assured quality of the CFTS Procedural Code
  • total peace of mind because you meet all current & pending legislation

How does the national procedure work?

The new national Thorough Examination procedure has a full audit trail which ensures that all examinations are recorded & where necessary, checked by an independent inspector.

Documentation used with the new scheme will bear a reassuring & distinctive quality mark. You will see it on a special sticker applied to every truck which passed examination under the new scheme.

Are there any other benefits?

By opting for the new national procedure you can rest assured that your Thorough Examination will be administered efficiently & carried out to the highest professional standards. In addition, the certification mark of the scheme will give a 'stamp of approval' to your business:

  • giving immediate credibility & authority to the Thorough Examination your documentation you hold
  • making a positive statement to your customers & staff that you care about safety & their welfare
  • marking your trucks with a symbol of excellence that is nationally recognised
  • reducing the risk of accidents
  • completely fulfilling your legal requirements